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Marshall Weber

Marshall  Weber's work was exhibited in
Found in Translation
 Organized by Marshall Weber, Booklyn Artist Alliance.
The Tide's Story Project
(2006) with Eliana Perez, Christopher Wilde, Kurt Allersev and Xu Bing
Translated by Jesse Coffino-Goldburg and Zhai Yong-ming
Multimedia, color copy of pen and ink, watercolor, aspiration, acrylic, monoprint, ink, painting and dying on Hanamuhle Ingre paper
Rare Books of the Future
 books by Booklyn Artists Alliance
Catalog Issue #4, The
(1998) comPress; color photocopy of unique collage
(2000) 1998-2000; comPress; collage, painting, drawing, xerox, wood, velvet
House of Ghosts
(2000) Booklyn; collage, drawing, wood, Plexiglas
Nervous System
(2001) Booklyn; letterpress, color xerox, silkscreen, relief, digital printer
(2000) Artichoke Yink Press; letterpress, digital print, silkscreen, rubberstamp

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