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Jake Tilson
Farnham Royal College of Art

Jake Tilson works primarily in paint, collage and construction but has published since 1979. Published works include 18 books, Cipher Magazine 1-6, and currently Atlas Magazine. He studied painting at the Royal College of Art from 1980-1983 and now teaches in the Painting Department at WSCAD, Farnham. [1987]

Jake  Tilson's work was exhibited in
Book Works, London
 an exhibition of contemporary British printers, binders and visual artists
(1985) Xerox, instantprint, rubber stamps, single colour xerox
Atlas 1
(1985) Colour xerox, offset, instantprint
Atlas 2
(1986) Offset litho
(1985) offset litho
Excavator Barcelona Excavador
(1986) Colour xerox, B&W xerox, instantprint, rubber stamps, single colour xerox, found items.
(1985) Single colour xerox, B&W xerox, colour xerox.
Maps as Shorthand
(1985) B&W xerox, colour xerox, instantprint, single colour xerox
V Agents part 3, The
(1986) 3 colour offset litho with B&W xerox

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