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Ken Campbell
b. 1939
London College of Printing

After serving a printing apprenticeship, he studied Graphic Design at The London College of Printing. During his career as a graphic designer and lecturer his interest in the making of poetry and the hand made book developed increasingly. He now works as a full time artist, from his studio in Oxford and lectures occasionally at The St. Martin's and Central Schools of Art, London. [1987]

Ken  Campbell's work was exhibited in
Rare Books of the Future
 books by Booklyn Artists Alliance
Tilt: the Black Flagged Streets
(1988) letterpress
Book Works, London
 an exhibition of contemporary British printers, binders and visual artists
(1984) Concertina fold book in wooden boards. 3 colour silkscreen.
(1984) Seven varnished sheets of paper, printed letterpress. 60 lb. nylon fishing twine, curved needles and three bronze hooves.
Broken Rules and Double Crosses
(1984) Letterpress and silkscreen
Father's Hook
(1977) Letterpress on chinese handmade paper in wooden boards
(1986) Letterpress
Night Feet on Earth
(1987) Letterpress

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