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Romilly Saumarez-Smith
b. 1954
Camberwell School of Art & Crafts

Another graduate of Camberwell School of Art & Crafts, she became the first woman forwarder and union card holder at Zaehnsdorf's Bindery in London. Later left to set up her own studio and was elected fellow of Designer Bookbinders in 1984. Currently teaches at London College of Printing and Guildford School of Art as well as working from her own studio. [1987]

Romilly  Saumarez-Smith's work was exhibited in
Book Works, London
 an exhibition of contemporary British printers, binders and visual artists
Girl in the Apple, The by Ann Brunskill
(1987) Limp binding of grey sanded goatskin with exposed sewing, in soft case.
Gronger Hill by John Dyer
(1987) Lithographs by John Piper. Binding in grey sanded goatskin with inlaid bands on spine, sides made of overlays of varnished and waxed cotton. Edges rough gilt all round.
Theodore & Honoria
(1987) Limp binding in varnished and waxed cotton, spine piece of graphite and platinum leaf, exposed sewing.

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