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Ben Langlands
b. 1955
Middlesex Polytechnic

Nikki Bell and Ben Langlands met whilst studying at Middlesex Polytechnic, where they worked on a joint degree and have always continued working together. Their work is particularly concerned with the sculptural side of the book form, as well as making films and installations. [1987]

Ben  Langlands's work was exhibited in
Book Works, London
 an exhibition of contemporary British printers, binders and visual artists
British Museum, The
(1987) Installation incorporating "The British Museum": Three framed photographic prints, 36 x 48 in, with construction 55 x 30 x 24 in made from beech wood, glass and lacquer; and three books: "The British Museum;" "The Reading Room;" and "The Panopticon;" 11 x 13 x 2 1/2 in each of wood products, glass & lacquer.
Egg Book, The
(1986) Wood, paper, glass, eggs.
Fish Book, The
(1986) Wood, glass, dried anchovies, seaweed, varnish, gold leaf.
Ruined Book, The
(1986) (Maquette). Wood, photographic paper, paint.

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