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Katherine Kuehn
Salient Seedling Press

A student of, and later assistant to, Walter Hamady at his Perishable Press in Madison, Wisconsin, Katherine Kuehn started the Salient Seedling Press in 1978. Her editions, the collaborative work of artists, writers and the printer are notable for the use of her own handmade papers and her versatility in employing a number of typographical styles. In addition to operating as Salient Seedling, she also works as a printer for Pace Editions.

Katherine  Kuehn's work was exhibited in
Guiding Hands
 Center for Book Arts 1992 faculty show
In Memory
(1992) Accordion-fold book with paint, gesso, collage on chinese paper and frosted mylar.
Printers in Residence
 the work of six presses and one bookbinder at The Center for Book Arts
Aunty Em on Binders by Karen Snider
Dorothy During Wounded Knee by Karen A. Snider
Fox and the Farmer, The; by Thomas P. Pinkert
(1985) Woodcuts reproduced from a 1780 edition of Aesop, additional illustrations by Ruth Lingen.
O, Glinda Love. . . By Karen A. Snider
T.S. Eliot: A Tribute by Ted Hughes
(1987) Printed for Faber & Faber. Three Mylar-encapsulated books.
Walking with My Sons by Joe Bruchac

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