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Su Lund
Su Lund Studio
Solana Beach, CA

Su  Lund   is an Artist Member of The Center for Book Arts.

Su Lund earned a BFA (Fine Arts/Design) from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and MFA equivalent in Book Arts through international apprenticeships. Her works have been shown nationally in museums and galleries, and acquired for private and major collections including The Jack Ginsberg Collection in Johannesburg, South Africa, The Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry in Miami, FL, Denver University in Colorado and the Avant Writing Collection, Rare Books & Manuscripts Library, Ohio State University. The Jaffe Collection: Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Athenaeum Arts Library: La Jolla, CA and the Mandeville Special Collections Library at UC San Diego have documented her work.

Building on her understanding of book construction, Lund has designed and co-produced 74 illustrated children’s books, many in paper-engineered or pop-up formats. She has worked with major museums including The Walker Art Center, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and The Children’s Theatre Company and School (Mpls.) to create 2-D and 3-D visual displays and installations.

She has also taught and lectured on the Artist’s Book movement at many art colleges and libraries around the country, including Oregon College of Arts & Crafts, Marylhurst College, Ringling School of Art & Design, and Penland School of Arts & Crafts.

A handcraft "builder" at heart, Su Lund has collaborated with architect Robert Avon Lees for 26 years creating unique homes and landscapes featuring "art into architecture."


Su  Lund's work was exhibited in

Fun & Games (and Such…)
 Organized by Alexander Campos, CBA’s Executive Director and Julie Chen, Artist
All Andy All the Time
(2008) Sculptural wall book, (1/1). Wood construction brass and metal parts, pigments, photos, Andy quotes, wooden letters, Catholic medal, dominoes, interactive Andy "Famous 15 Minutes" punch card, "Believe" brass star, dollar bills, star charts, wood blocks and orbs, found objects, glass optics with eye, etc.
Juried Artist Member Show
Star Nebula II: (Marilyn)
(2001) Sculptural wall book, (1/1) Wood construction, metal, brass, photos, pigments, stones, mixed media, eggshell and found objects.3 "page" surfaces. Unique work.
The Anthropomorphic Book
 the 1994 annual Artist Members Exhibition
Star Nebula: (Marilyn)(I)
Wood, metal, brass, photos, pigments, stones, wire, glitter and found objects
War and Peace
Army Life: No WAR...Peace?
(1991) Sculptural book, (1/1) This is an "altered" WWII Army photo scrapbook. It was my fathers. Wood structure, eggshell, bone, linen cord, leather, beads, pigments, metal parts, thread, bark, metal fonts. 4 "page" surfaces. Unique work.
Contemplation Peace: Sacred Space
(1991) Sculptural book, (1/1) Hardwood construction, blue glass, tin on-lays, metal hinges, eggshell, pigments, stones, bamboo, beads, thread, shoelace on-lays, shell. 4 "page" surfaces. Unique work.

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