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Nose Book

Martha  Carothers
Martha  Carothers

Letterpress, silkscreen, die-cut.
letterpress printing
7 1/4 x 6 1/2 x 1/2 in
edition of 10

This book combines the traditional view of a book and an artist's personal impressions. The traditional view is evident in the codex binding of the "Nose Book" and the rhymed text that is common in most children's books. The personal aspect is apparent in my selection of known phrases that involve expressions or actions associated with the nose. The visual interpretation of the text utilizes found 19th century engravings which, in this new context, suggests new meanings. The visual style of the engravings reminds one of genteel 19th century living, but the context produces visual juxtapositions which presents the viewer with expressions usually thought of as inappropriate for polite company, as well as children.

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